About Us

The catering
Varied menu, great flexibility in organizing and elegant decorations. And 'the catering signed De Santis Constantine, company decades of experience in the field.
To make each catering surprising Di cooked and raw chef uses high-level, able to set up elaborate menu, simple, original, traditional, innovative, even with preparation directly to the customer's home, always prepared with the utmost care. Respecting the best culinary tradition, we offer new dishes to follow the taste requirements of our customers. A service of catering and banqueting flawless, the result of years of experience, but also the passion and desire to surprise at every opportunity.

The Products
All our foods are fresh and of high quality. As far as possible, the products we use are drawn from the countryside of Salento, in order to ensure authenticity and enhancement of our territory.
To preserve our traditions Salentine, our company offers a variety of dishes and desserts refined taste depending on the holiday season, as: Panettone craft, Purcedduzzi honeyed, cartellate, trunks of almond paste, almond praline, filled biscuits, friabilini to chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut. Biscuits with whole grains, doves Easter, Agnelli almond paste, cupeta almonds, crunchy hazelnut, Zeppole of St. Joseph, chat carnival, cookies dairy (milkmaids).

Our Meat
Assembled in our local, we also find the dealer fresh, locally sourced, of our farmers, and even national, whatever allows our company to have a plus' because when they have cuts of meat always fresh, can range in the preparation of succulent recipes also of meat, and not only fish, giving a substantial completeness the preparation of our Buffet.

Other products


    A skilful blend of octopus, squid, shrimp, mussels...

  • pizza al taglio